The tutorial is offered by the following members of the Cogito Research Lab at Expert System.

Jose Manuel Gomez-Perez ( works in the intersection of several areas of Artificial Intelligence, including Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graphs and Machine Learning. His vision is to enable machines to understand multilingual text and corelate it with other information modalities like images and diagrams in a way similar to how humans read, building a partnership between both. At Expert System, Jose Manuel leads the Research Lab in Madrid, where he focuses on the combination of structured knowledge graphs and neural representations to extend COGITO‘s capabilities. Before Expert System, he worked at iSOCO, one of the first European companies to deliver semantic and natural language processing solutions on the Web. He consults for organizations like HAVAS, ING and the European Space Agency and is the co-founder of ROHub, the platform for scientific information management based on research objects. An ACM member and Marie Curie fellow, Jose Manuel holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence from UPM. He regularly publishes in top scientific conferences and journals of the field and his views¬†have appeared in magazines like Nature and Scientific American.

Ronald Denaux ( is a senior researcher at Expert System. Ronald obtained his MSc in Computer Science from the Technical University Eindhoven, The Netherlands. After a couple of years working in industry as a software developer for a large IT company in The Netherlands, Ronald decided to go back to academia. He obtained a PhD, again in Computer Science, from the University of Leeds, UK. Ronald’s research interests have revolved around making semantic web technologies more usable for end users, which has required research into (and resulted in various research publications in) the areas of Ontology Authoring and Reasoning, Natural Language Interfaces, Dialogue Systems, Intelligent User Interfaces and User Modelling. Besides research, Ronald also participates in knowledge transfer and product development.